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When it comes to luxury tours, there's no better place to start than the capital itself. Avoid the crowds on the underground, don't worry about catching a bus – see the best that London has to offer from the comfort of a private luxury vehicle. If required, we can arrange a “Blue Badge” tour guide, who can give you a detailed tour of the sights of interest.


Hampton Court Palace grounds tourists visiting

Hampton Court

Step back in time and see the wonderfully-preserved home and gardens of the infamous Henry VIII and various other monarchs stretching back centuries. Walk in the footsteps of Kings and Queens of days gone by as you take in the grandeur and marvel at the detail, borne to and from by our executive chauffeur services.


Stonehenge in front of pink sunset view

Stonehenge, Salisbury &   Bath

 Explore and experience one of this nation's most ancient and – to this day – unexplained sites, before continuing to Salisbury and Bath. Enjoy the atmosphere of these historic towns with stunning architecture, cathedrals and stories aplenty. Our luxury tours across England will ensure you see everything you want to and more.



The Cotswolds village view with river bridge and old brick cottages

The Cotswolds

Step directly into a postcard from one of the most beautiful rural areas in Britain. Take in rolling hills, Roman and Celtic ruins and enjoy a plethora of beautiful, quaint towns and villages, all ready to welcome you. Hatfield Executive Cars will ensure you can take in the sights in comfort, on one-day or multi-day luxury tours.


Oxford, Blenheim Palace & Stratford-upon-Avon

Take in historic towns and villages, while exploring the birthplaces of two of England's most famous figures – Winston Churchill and William Shakespeare. Beyond their homes and places of birth, Oxfordshire itself is home to fascinating museums, parks, and a wide range of restaurants, not to mention a certain prestigious University with beautiful grounds.


Leeds Castle blue lake view and green scenery background

Leeds Castle, Dover &     Canterbury

Explore some of the finest sights of the South, as you take in the island-locked Leeds Castle, as well as the pristine beauty of the white cliffs of Dover and the famed Canterbury cathedral. All set in the beautiful Kentish countryside, there's so much to explore and to see – one day might not be enough. However long your tour, rest assured it will be comfortable and relaxed.




Explore the grounds of the stately home of the monarchs of today. See where Queen Elizabeth II spent some of her most personal moments and take in the atmosphere of royalty. Take an audio tour and learn about almost a millennium of history. We'll convey you there in style and comfort befitting royalty!







Luxury Tours UK

Welcoming Holiday-Makers from the USA, Canada and Across the Globe

Hatfield Executive Cars specialise in providing driven tours to some of England's most fascinating historical sights. Depending on your requirements, we can offer pick-up and drop-off, as well as providing overnight and even two-day luxury tours. We accompany you for the duration of your trip, making transport from location to location simple and stress-free. We welcome clients from across the world and are highly trusted by individuals, families and groups from the United States and Canada, in particular. Thanks to our knowledge of the routes to take, to avoid unnecessary delays, we ensure that you reach every destination in complete luxury and comfort.

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